FAQs – MasterTape


Besides being Premium Grade, one major factor that separates MasterTape Gaffers Tape from the rest is that our tape is the ONLY tape on the market that is True to it’s size.  This means that for example our 2 inch tape actually measures 2 inches wide.  This might sound funny but ALL other 2″ Gaffer Tape on the market is less than 2″ and usually measure around 1.7″ – 1.8″ wide.  Master Tape is the only true to size Gaff Tape on the market!

Duct tape is a plastic/pvc tape that is made to be permanent and therefore uses a type of glue that leaves glue and residue on your surface if you try to remove it.  Our formula of Gaffers tape is a cotton cloth material and uses our uniquely designed adhesive that can stick strong on a permanent basis but when used on a temporary basis will come off easy and leave ZERO residue.

Gaffers Tape was originally used by Gaffers and Film Crews to temporarily tape down wires to floors, walls and just about any surface.  Today, DJ’s, Photo Booth operators, Pro Audio Engineers, Film Crews, Pro Video Engineers and many others use Master Tape Gaffers tape for running their wires and to do quick fix repairs of equipment when on the set and out in the field.

MasterTape Gaffers Tape…

  1. Leaves ZERO residue when removing
  2. Has a tactile rough finish that provides and anti-slip grip
  3. Has a non-reflective black matte finish
  4. Has a strong grip but also removes easily and cleanly
  5. Is Water Resistant
  6. Is Easy to tear
  7. Is Premium Commercial Grade tape