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  • TRUE 2″ WIDTH (2 inch) 60 YARD LENGTH GAFFER TAPE– Our tape measures an ACTUAL 2 inches (2″) wide and and actual 60 Yard Length. Unbelievably ALL OTHER 2″ top selling Gaffer tape on Amazon is ACTUALLY less than 2 inches wide! Stop paying for 2″ Gaffer Tape that is only 1.8″ Wide! This is REAL Cloth Material Gaffer Tape.
  • PREMIUM PROFESSIONAL GRADE GAFFERS TAPE 11mil thickness – Non-Reflective Matte Black Finish. STRONG sticking power and still REMOVABLE with NO-RESIDUE left over. Stress Free, Frustration Free, Easy Tear & Easy to unroll to make your Gaffing tape job fast, simple & secure.
  • EXCLUSIVE “MasterTack” adhesive – Designed & tested to be the optimal balance of EASY TEAR, SOLID STRONG sticking capability and ZERO residue left behind, all of your walls, floors, wires & equipment will be safe & clean. It acts like DUCT Tape but without the glue and residue left over!
  • HOME USE AS WELL – Gaffer Tape is great to use around your house in place of masking tape, mailing tape, athletic tape, duct tape, painters tape and electrical tape. It works on most any surface such as carpet, cement, tile, wood, bricks, body, camera and photography gear, av production equipment, painted walls, wood floors, bookbinding, metal surfaces, computers and TV cables, and you can use it around windows and doors to prevent cold air drafts. Women tell us it works great as BOOB Tape.
  • TRUSTED BY DJ’s, Photo Booth operators, Pro audio & visual AV technicians & Gaffers around the world. USA Company with USA Customer Service & Support

Product Description:

60 Yard Roll Cloth Gaffers Tape 2X the amount of our competition, stop buying 30 yard small rolls that run out so quickly, our 60 Yard Roll lasts twice as long and we are the SAME PRICE as most 30 yard rolls on Amazon

BLACK MATTE COLOR Non-Reflective & REAL 2″ (2 inch) WIDTH We couldn’t believe it either but all other top selling 2″ Gaffer tape on Amazon are FALSE and measure LESS THAN 2″. Our 2″ Wide Tape is TRULY 2″ Wide, don’t buy 2″ Tape that is only 1.8″, measure yours and see the difference!

Easy Tear so you can move quickly with your taping job and no waste

MasterTape is the Trusted Name in Gaff Tape & used by the majority of Hollywood Production houses

DJ’s, Photo Booth Operators, Pro Audio Engineers & Gaffers across the globe rely on MasterTape Gaffer tape to secure their wires & cords on Carpet, Wood Floors, Tiles, Cement, Walls & just about any type of surface. Your wires are held secure and when you remove the tape there is NO RESIDUE left over for a clean fast removal

DUCT Tape vs. GAFFER Tape Duct tape is a plastic tape with sticky glue and leaves glue when removed. Gaffers Tape is cloth material, removes easily and leaves NO-Residue

USA Company with USA Customer Service & Support

Master Tape was born from the need for a High Quality Premium Grade Gaffers tape. We are professional audio engineers by trade and use Gaffers tape every week. Other rolls we found either stick too much and leave a residue, or don’t stick enough to surfaces. We came up with an adhesive blend we call MasterTack that is the perfect solution for taping down wires or those quick photo, video & audio fixes when your on-site and need to do a quick repair on the fly! We know your business and your needs in the field as they are like ours. We’re confident you will love MasterTape! -Randy (Founder of MasterTape)

Feel free to email the founder anytime Randy@MasterTape.net

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